ILS Continues to Reap the Benefits of Digital Technology

November 1, 2016 - Flexible Packaging Magazine

Flexible Packaging recently caught up with Jay Dollries, CEO of Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS), a company that has a total of six digital presses ranging from narrow web to wide web at its Hamilton, Ohio, facility. Dollries took some time to talk about what digital printing has done for his printing company.

Q: Can you provide a brief historyof ILS and when it got involved in digital printing?

A: We started in 1996 – all conventional work. In 2005, we bought our first Indigo 4050 press. We installed a second one about nine months later. We really felt like the technology had the opportunity to really change our business and put us outside of the commodity market, where we felt like we were on the conventional side of the business. (We then) bought a 6000 series, which allowed us to get into a lot of applications. We stuck our toes into folding carton, flex pack, just all kinds of different applications because the platform was very versatile in allowing us to run all kinds of different materials. It gave us an opportunity to test different applications. What can we do? What can’t we do? What’s interesting? Where do we have the most impact on brands?

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Jay Dollries, CEO