Digital Printing Enhances Award-Winner from Innovative Labeling Solutions

June 17, 2017 - BRITTANY WILLES, PostPress

The Terressentia Corporation was founded on the belief that technology dramatically can improve both the quality and taste of its premium spirits. When a unique and innovative label was needed for the company’s Winchester Rye Whiskey, Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS), Hamilton, Ohio, befittingly opted to use digital print technology to create the award-winning label.

“We believe that digital printing is the wave of the future,” explained Vicki Hausmann, ILS’ marketing director. “Our mission is to provide our clients with opportunities to engage with their customers on a more personal level, and digital technology allows for more flexibility than conventional printing. Digital technology offers our clients the opportunity to better engage with consumers at the shelf, to provide high-end looking and feeling labels to accentuate the product and also can increase the speed to market.”

Creating the high-end look and feel of the Winchester label required a great deal of collaboration between the designers, the processers and manufacturers...

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Winchester Rye Whiskey Label