Innovative Labeling Solutions hosts open house to introduce first ever HP Indigo 20000

October 24, 2014

On July 30 Innovative Labeling Solutions, (ILS,, hosted an Open House to introduce the world to the first ever HP Indigo 20000, a wide-web digital press that will change the landscape of packaging in the future.

“Brands now have an opportunity to completely change the way they go to market with the new HP Indigo 20000. Brands are no longer limited to a 13” web width, now they have to opportunity to print up to 29” wide which opens up so many possibilities,” says Jay Dollries, president and CEO, ILS.

According to Dollries, one of the major advantages the new press offers is the ability to print flexible packaging on a digital press.

With the new 30-inch format HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, ILS expects to produce up to 80% of its customers' flexible packaging applications, including those not previously addressable with digital printing technology because of formersize limitations...

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