Craft beer can labels: Innovative Labeling Solutions talks shrink sleeve option

August 1, 2013 - CHRIS CROWELL

Canning continues to grow as a craft brewing industry trend, and with more cans comes more need for can labeling solutions. Craft Brewing Business contacted Sean Gallagher, director of innovation with Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS), to learn a little more about the digitally printed sleeve option that is drawing more and more interest from the craft beer industry.

“There’s been a huge insurgence in can use from bigger breweries, and now we’re seeing more craft brewers looking for solutions to enter that market without looking to purchase a high volume of cans. Shrink sleeves are a good solution to that,” Gallagher said. 

Rather than approach digital printing as a niche, short-run solution, ILS was one of the first label suppliers to shift its focus and sell digital printing as a sensible, competitive advantage...

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